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PrioVR: Suit up. Game on.

Ever since reading Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One I’ve been more interested in watching how AR and VR will evolve over the next few years. Of course everyone is already hotly anticipating the release of the consumer edition of the Oculus Rift but the headset is just one part of a full VR or AR experience.  I wasn’t aware of any reasonable consumer level attempts to integrate one’s full body into the VR experience until I came across the PrioVR Kickstarter campaign.  From their homepage it looks like they’ve got a great team and a good grip on their target market. I wondered about Linux support so I emailed them through Kickstarter campaign. Here’s what they said:

Me: Will you support Linux distros like Debian, Ubuntu or SteamOS? Will any of the source code or hardware be made open source?

YEI Technology: Yes, the PrioVR will, like the 3-Space Sensors, support a variety of Linux variants. And the source code for the demo games will be made open source.

That gets me even more excited! Opening up the project will help it evolve in ways that the creators might never even have imagined. I can’t wait to get mine and start hacking away on it!

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